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Since 1992, John and Rena Fiotakis have owned and operated Lipscombe Larder, transforming it into one of Hobart's most renowned destinations for fine foods. Lipscombe Larder presents unparalleled tastes and showcases the best Tasmania has to offer. 

We cater events ranging from romantic and intimate to festive and fabulous. Our calendar fills up quickly, so kindly speak with us early in the planning process to ensure availability.

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We all know that the secret to hosting a successful event is inviting the right people and serving them incredible food. That’s why we are dedicated to sourcing and creating incredible foods to enhance not only special events but our everyday life. See all the services we offer below to start planning your next delicious meal today.





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Proudly Tasmanian

We're proud to source the best Tasmanian products and produce for our customers. From Tassie Oysters to King Island Double Cream Brie, our state produces some of the finest foods in the world.